Sunday, March 16, 2008

noisecore assholes

we just wrapped up the recording for the 53 song noisecore EP for survivalist records entitled "noise grind power death". survivalist is andy from endless blockades label and he will be releasing 200 copies of this record to take on the road with him on the Endless Blockade/Coffins East Coast tour. sorry, we will not have any copies for sale so go to those shows to pick up one. the recording came out great and will appeal to anyone who is a fan of arsedestroyer or the first AC 7"s. fast blasting noisecore with only drums, vocals, and noise effects. no bass or guitar. this will not appeal to all of our fans so only people familiar with the shit mentioned above should take note of this release.

the split with FID on six weeks will be releasing in may i believe. it will be packaged with the next issue of short fast and loud so keep an eye out for that one.

the agoraphobic nosebleed split 5"? i dont know. all artwork and music is submitted but i have no idea whats going on with this one. who knows ...

the "FUCK HPMA" double CDr covers will be screened this wednesday and will probably be released next week. yet again more noisecore and will not appeal to everyone. fans of later period sore throat. 26 copies produced and only available in houston at Sound Exchange and DOMY. sorry, no mailorder. this is a houston only release.

when we get back from japan we will attempt (if we dont kill ourselves in the process) of recording a 625 song noisecore LP entitled "ELITIST NOISECORE ASSHOLES". yep, its a 625 song record with 625 copies pressed on max "make a 625 song record" wards 625 thrashcore labek. how silly.

The Core of Isolation LP???? sometime in 2009 we think. Europe? 2009 as well.

listen to more swedish punk rock.



pai-chan said...
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