Sunday, March 16, 2008

noisecore assholes

we just wrapped up the recording for the 53 song noisecore EP for survivalist records entitled "noise grind power death". survivalist is andy from endless blockades label and he will be releasing 200 copies of this record to take on the road with him on the Endless Blockade/Coffins East Coast tour. sorry, we will not have any copies for sale so go to those shows to pick up one. the recording came out great and will appeal to anyone who is a fan of arsedestroyer or the first AC 7"s. fast blasting noisecore with only drums, vocals, and noise effects. no bass or guitar. this will not appeal to all of our fans so only people familiar with the shit mentioned above should take note of this release.

the split with FID on six weeks will be releasing in may i believe. it will be packaged with the next issue of short fast and loud so keep an eye out for that one.

the agoraphobic nosebleed split 5"? i dont know. all artwork and music is submitted but i have no idea whats going on with this one. who knows ...

the "FUCK HPMA" double CDr covers will be screened this wednesday and will probably be released next week. yet again more noisecore and will not appeal to everyone. fans of later period sore throat. 26 copies produced and only available in houston at Sound Exchange and DOMY. sorry, no mailorder. this is a houston only release.

when we get back from japan we will attempt (if we dont kill ourselves in the process) of recording a 625 song noisecore LP entitled "ELITIST NOISECORE ASSHOLES". yep, its a 625 song record with 625 copies pressed on max "make a 625 song record" wards 625 thrashcore labek. how silly.

The Core of Isolation LP???? sometime in 2009 we think. Europe? 2009 as well.

listen to more swedish punk rock.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Unknown Pleasures

another day, another dollar.

we finished recording for the split 7" with FID from tokyo. two of the tracks have been posted on our myspace. they are called "circuit demon" and "death gate".

we also recorded about 40 songs of noisecore entitled "Noise Grind Power Death" that will be releases as 200 pressed 7" on survivalist records. more info later.

Australia tour is right around the corner and then its over to japan in may.

when we get back we record for the split 7" with Agents of Abhorrence on 625 and a split 10" with Retaliation from sweden for Rescued From Life records.

after that it will be time to start working on our next LP for 625 entitled "The Core Of Isolation".

hate life

Friday, October 12, 2007

Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

So, lots of news .......

First: got back from the Unholy Grave tour of the west coast. tour was incredible! thanks to everyone who came out and everyone who helped.

Second: World Extermination was released in september on both CD and LP formats. Both are out of print though copies are floating around in select distros around the world. 625 is doing a second pressing on white vinyl with black splatter.

Third: We go into the studio to record some new tracks for some upcoming splits during the first week of November. We have 12 new songs clocking in at under 5 and 1/2 minutes. I will be posting songs when they are done.

Fourth: We have began to plan some overseas tours for 2008. In February we will be doing 10 dates in Australia with our buds Agents Of Abhorrence. In May we will be doing 3 to 4 shows in Japan. The Unholy Grave dudes are hooking this us so I will post more info when i get it.

Thats about it for now. go listen to Brutal Truth ........

Friday, August 24, 2007

No Talk In The 00s

WORLD EXTERMINATION will be released in september. We have already received the CDs and LP jackets and we are just waiting for the vinyl to show up at this point. I will begin taking very LIMITED preorders on CLEAR vinyl around September 3rd.

The UNHOLY GRAVE west coast tour is right around the corner. we will have a small number of the CLEAR vinyl with us on that tour. See ya then.

We are playing one last houston show. The date is November 16th and it is with IRON LUNG, AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE, and HATRED SURGE. 8 dollars at the southmorehouse. We will not be playing anymore local shows because of growing Social Claustrophobia issues and my not wanting to be around alot of people. I hate touring for the same reason but it is a necessary evil for me these days. I plan on spending lots of time at my house reading bioterrorism survival manuals. A new Cold War is approaching I think.

Tour dates for Australia are confirmed. We will be there February 21st through March 2nd of 2008. Stoked!

Thats it for now. if anyone has a copy of the 3rd HATES 7" EP from 1980, please let me know. I will drop serious cash or trade!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

World Extermination!

quick update: the LP is finished. everything has been mailed off and we are expecting the record to be released in september as planned. go to for info.

we have finished writing songs for the split 7" with Brutal Death and the split 5" with Agoraphobic Nosebleed. those should be recorded early next month. im hoping both of those will be out by the end of 2007.

Australian and Japanese tour for March of 2008 is being planned as we speak. see all of our friends over there soon.

well, back to hating life and reading William Gibson's "Burning Chrome". just heard some new tracks from the upcoming Looking For An Answer split and that shit fucking kills.

life? death!