Sunday, May 27, 2007


the MDF preshow on friday was a blast and the saturday show ruled as well. General Surgery and Rotten Sound knocked my fucking head off. thanks to everyone who came out to see us and bought merch. we are now sold out of everything so hit the webstore if you want shirts. we fly back to houston on monday and its back to business as usual. thanks to eric from torture garden for the extreme hospitality during this visit.

the Carcass Grinder split 7" on psychotherapy will be released this coming week or the next. i will post ordering info when it is available.

the violent noise party compilation 7" is also out. this comp has us, inxdisgust, yacopsae, nashgul, and many other ripping bands on it. ordering can be done through:

my wisdom teeth are coming in and it feels like my jaw is about to fall out. many thanks goes out to vicodin! if anyone has a copy of the Polar Grinder comp for sale, please contact me.

grind! -beau

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mass Communication Mindfuck

so, we have yet again been suckered into the information superhighway. not sure what we will use this thing for but it appears to be a place where we can post shit about Neo Geo and Capcom. fuck the rest.

the LP is almost finished. we need to finish rahi's vocals and mix the motherfucker and it will be off to the presses. i have completed the layout of the vinyl version and i will be moving on to the CD layout next week. the LP is coming packaged with a huge 18x24" poster. there will be 200 copies on clear for the diehard IW fans. i think we will be applying 80s Earache style description stickers to the front of the covers of the clear copies.

Maryland Death Fest is next weekend and we will be playing the Friday night preshow at the Sonar. Pig Destroyer, Putrid Pile, Pisschrist, and Defeatist will also be playing. Looks like the only merch we will have with us are some new LP design t shirts and a few hoodies. i cant wait to see Brutal Truth. the last time i saw them was in the late 90s and they knocked my 15 year old socks off.

i am addicted to Metal Slug 1 for Neo Geo as well as a Samurai Showdown style game called Last Blade. the graphics are the shit, the music is the shit, the characters and move lists are the shit, and the presentation is the shit. highely recommended for 2D sword fighter enthusiests. if anyone can find a shirt or any other related merch for Metal Slug or Last Blade please contact me. i will trade dearly for it.