Saturday, June 16, 2007

Grinding Carcasses

Not much new around IW camp except finishing the LP, organizing the tour with Unholy Grave from Japan, blasting General Surgery on the stereo, and writing new songs for the split with Brutal Death. I have completed all the layout shit for the LP and im mailing everything off this week. we are going to release the record sometime in July i think. A few months after the LP we will finish the split 7" with Brutal Death to be released on 625. J from Agoraphobic Nosebleed is contributing some vocals and noise tracks to this record. also, there is a rumored IW/Noisear/ExitWounds*poland*/SquashBowels 4 way split 12" in the works. shit is going to destroy when it comes out.

check the shit below for more news:



Pyschotherapy Records emailed me and said that the Insect Warfare/Carcass Grinder split 7" is now ready for order. he only pressed 500 copies so get em whle ya can. europeans will get the hookup on this one because shipping will be cheaper. sorry to everybody in the states but the record was released in europe and the shipping sucks as im sure all of you know. im stoked this shit finally came out. i will post another bulletin later on this week. here is the ordering info:

Psychocontrol is now accepting paypal. add one dollar to the price below and send it to:

USA - 8 Dollars Post paid | Europe 5 Euros Post Paid
email contact:


here are the dates for now. as usual, im sure things will change by time the tour starts.

Thursday 9-20 SAN DIEGO
Friday 9-21 LONG BEACH
Saturday 9-22 sAN FRANCISCO - Gilman
Sunday 9-23 PORTLAND
Monday 9-24 SEATTLE
Tuesday 9-25 PORTLAND
Wednesday 9-26 SACRAMENTO
Thursday 9-27 OAKLAND
Friday 9-28 SANTA CRUZ
Saturday 9-29 LOS ANGELES

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PXVX said...

Cannit wait for the new records, going to get my copy of the Carcass Grinder split sometime soon! :)

Let us know on a date soon and where to order a clear vinyl from.

Stay well!