Friday, August 24, 2007

No Talk In The 00s

WORLD EXTERMINATION will be released in september. We have already received the CDs and LP jackets and we are just waiting for the vinyl to show up at this point. I will begin taking very LIMITED preorders on CLEAR vinyl around September 3rd.

The UNHOLY GRAVE west coast tour is right around the corner. we will have a small number of the CLEAR vinyl with us on that tour. See ya then.

We are playing one last houston show. The date is November 16th and it is with IRON LUNG, AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE, and HATRED SURGE. 8 dollars at the southmorehouse. We will not be playing anymore local shows because of growing Social Claustrophobia issues and my not wanting to be around alot of people. I hate touring for the same reason but it is a necessary evil for me these days. I plan on spending lots of time at my house reading bioterrorism survival manuals. A new Cold War is approaching I think.

Tour dates for Australia are confirmed. We will be there February 21st through March 2nd of 2008. Stoked!

Thats it for now. if anyone has a copy of the 3rd HATES 7" EP from 1980, please let me know. I will drop serious cash or trade!